Marilyn Crispell

“Hearing Marilyn Crispell play solo piano is like monitoring an active volcano.
She is one of a very few pianists who rise to the challenge of free jazz.”
-The New York Times


Marilyn Crispell has been a composer and performer of contemporary improvised music since 1978. For ten years, she was a member of the Anthony Braxton Quartet and the Reggie Workman Ensemble. She has performed and recorded extensively as a soloist and with players on the American and international jazz scene, also working with dancers, poets, film-makers and visual artists, and teaching workshops in improvisation. She has been the recipient of three New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship grants, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and a Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust composition commission.

Here her interpretation of Tuning Score for the Nervous System combines the sounds of the piano keys on the outside with the inside piano strings to evoke a sound journey to the inside of the body and nervous system.

Recording and engineering by Chris Andersen of Nevessa Productions in Woodstock, New York.


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