Thomas Workman


Thomas Workman, 2017

“The experience of listening to what is new alters our world view, our consciousness and transmutes our physical…this transmutation is necessary for the next step in human evolution…The listener is the new music. All music is new music.” -John Beaulieu

Thomas Workman is a multi-instrumentalist, certified sound healer, instrument builder, visual artist, teacher and founder of Ancient2Future Sound Healing. He brings together unique musical instruments, compositional and improvisational skills, shamanic practices, and practical knowledge of the healing power of music.

In 2010 Thomas completed the certification course for Sound Healing at the Sound & Music Institute at The Open Center in NYC. In 2012, he founded Ancient2Future Sound Healing.

Thomas conducts sound healing sessions for individuals and groups, working with a wide variety of instruments, such as didgeridoo, conch shells, fujara, bamboo flutes, bone flutes, nose flutes, hulusi, kamale n’goni, various drums and percussion, and much more.

Thomas performs with the quartet, “Levanta”, including Gabriel Dresdale on cello, Timothy Hill on guitars and voice, with Ev Mann and Roberto Rodriguez on percussion. Levanta’s repertoire includes original compositions and original arrangements of music by Hermeto Pascoal, Abdullah Ibrahim and Dave Holland.

Thomas also plays with Sonark Trio, with Gabriel Dresdale: cello, and Joakim Lartey: percussion. Sonark focuses on original and spontaneous compositions, utilizing a deep collective rapport and guided intuition.


Bamboo flute by Thomas Workman. Recorded 2017 in Jeff Haynes studio.


Fujara played by Thomas Workman. Recorded 2017 in Jeff Haynes studio. The fujara is a large overtone flute traditionally played by Slovakian shepherds.


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