Jeff Haynes

Grammy award winning percussionist and producer, Jeff Haynes has toured with the Pat Metheny Group, Al Jarreau, Harry Belafonte, and Cassandra Wilson. His creative direction as a producer on his recent release of Pete Seeger The Storm King, Pete Seeger spoken word set to multi-genre music from over 50 musicians, has been nominated for a Grammy Award and won the 2014 Audiobook Publishers Association’s Audie Award.

Symbol of Ogum

For Tuning Score for the Nervous System, Jeff has contributed Ogum: Tuning Score played on bata and tubano drums. In Yoruba, Ogum, is the powerful spirit of metal. Tuning Score for the Nervous System is made with hand cut copper foil adhered to paper. Copper is know as the healing metal which through its conductivity transmits energy between individuals, the mind and the spirit world.

Symbol of Copper


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